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You Should Stress (Test): Library Service Continuity Plans for Cybersecurity events

2021 Preconference: Virtual and In-Person Options
VIRTUAL: October 13, 11:00 – 3:00 pm
IN PERSON: November 2, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Description: Do you have a library service continuity plan in place if your institution suffers a cybersecurity breach? If not, you should. Events such as a ransomware attack or incursion into a core campus platform can have an extremely wide-ranging impact on library operations that affect all resources and services, whether electronic, print, in person or remote. This hands-on workshop will walk you through an exercise designed to get you ready to develop a plan at your own library. You’ll stress test it with a table-top exercise to expose shortfalls and weaknesses so you can strengthen the plan before it ever needs to be deployed. This session starts by giving participants a simple template for developing a service continuity plan and using a group exercise to create a plan that covers most common library services and resources. Once they’ve developed a plan, we will conduct a disaster simulation based on real cybersecurity events to test the plan in real time. Participants will leave with a basic knowledge of common cybersecurity scenarios and an understanding of how to create a solid plan to protect library services if ever needed.


  • Gwen Evans, VP, Global Library Relations, Elsevier
  • Amy Pawlowski, Executive Director, OhioLINK: The Ohio Library and Information Network

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