Presenter FAQs

Please see our Speaker Information Page for checklists and details for both in-person and virtual presenters.

Q: If I have a presentation or panel approved for the 2023 Charleston Conference in person, what are my obligations for the virtual conference?

A: We encourage all speakers to participate in the Q&A/discussion session for their session during the virtual conference, and at least one speaker from each group is required to attend. The virtual conference session will be scheduled three weeks after the in-person event at the same day/time. For example, if you present on Wednesday, November 8, at 4:00 pm Eastern in Charleston, your virtual session will take place on Wednesday, November 29, at 4:00 pm Eastern. The agenda will display in your native time zone, but keep the time conversion in mind when blocking out your calendar. The recording of your session will play automatically at the scheduled time. You can respond to questions and comments in the attendee chat during the video, then all attendees and presenters will be placed in a Zoom meeting room afterwards for Q&A and discussion time.

Q: if I present at the in person conference, must I present at the virtual? I assume since it is recorded I will not have to present?

A: Your session will be recorded at the in-person conference, so you won’t have to present again for the virtual event. The Q&A/discussion time immediately following the video is the only live participation aspect for the virtual conference week.

Q: Must I pay my way to both conferences?

A: Your in-person conference registration includes the virtual event: a two-for-one deal! You don’t need to register again or have different log in credentials for each event.

Q: Do I publish a paper for each virtual and in person conference?

A: Each accepted session is invited and encouraged to submit a paper for the conference proceedings, but you don’t need to submit two copies for the in-person and virtual versions of your presentation. See our Proceedings Author Guidelines for more details.

Q: Who will publish the proceedings?

A: The Charleston Conference Proceedings are published as an open access ebook through the Michigan Publishing Fulcrum platform. You can see previous years’ proceedings and other Charleston Hub publications at

Q: What about the posters? Will they be available for both conferences?

A: Yes, the posters will be available for browsing and viewing during both the in-person and virtual conference events. Posters are online, displayed as a PDF file. We will also have two options for speaker participation: 

In-person. There will be two Poster Sessions for attendees and poster presenters to discuss the posters and enjoy refreshments. Please refer to the conference schedule for date/time/location.

Virtual:There will be a Poster Presenter Q&A session that will be scheduled during the virtual conference week. See our Poster Presenter Guidelines for more details. 


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