Charleston In Between: Vendor Info Sessions
May 12, 2022
2:50 – 3:10 PM
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Research to Publication, the latest collaboration between BMJ and The University of California San Francisco

Description: Helping health science librarians support research literacy and increase output.

A recent report* on medical students’ access to research and research education in the medical curriculum found that nearly 98% of medical students believe that research should be included in their education yet less than 20% of them considered it is sufficiently addressed.  Research to Publication is helping health science librarians support research literacy and output in sustainable and cost-effective ways. Whether you’re looking to supplement existing efforts to teach research skills or support evolving curriculum needs, Research to Publication can help.  Everything from ethics, research methodology, and picking the right study or journal are covered by experts who use real-life scenarios to teach in context.

This presentation will showcase how our interactive self-study modules can support the entire research lifecycle through publication in an international high-quality journal.

Join Ryan Rodriguez as he highlights both the end-user and institutional benefits.

*Pierre, M., Miklavcic, M., Margulan, M. et al. Research Education in Medical Curricula: a Global Analysis. Med.Sci.Educ. (2022).


Ryan Rodriguez, Customer Engagement Manager, The Americas



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