Charleston In Between: Vendor Info Sessions
May 12, 2022
3:30 – 3:50 PM
Registration Required to Attend

A new digital platform for academic note-taking: effectively write, organize and collaborate with Avidnote

Description: This session demonstrates a novel way to write & organize notes in academia that can be used by both academic staff (researchers, librarians etc) as well as students. Avidnote (avidnote.com) is a web application that enables users to write, annotate and collaborate on their academic work. It produces a more efficient research process by offering an interface where the user’s notes and documents are placed side-by-side. Users can create folders to organize their different projects and use tags to filter their notes and documents based on selected keywords. Users can choose to share their documents or projects and thus collaborate in real-time with their colleagues or students. Avidnote brings together several different activities in the academic writing process, such as searching and finding scientific articles, taking notes and reference management.

This session goes through the different use cases of the app, and demonstrates how it’s used by researchers to effectively manage their research projects; by students, to organize and annotate their course-related work; and by academic support staff to manage their work (from thesis support, writing grant applications to managing book clubs etc).


Abderisak Adam is the CEO and Co-Founder of Avidnote (avidnote.com) –  a digital platform that enables researchers, students and academic staff to write and organize their research & studies in a systematic way online. Abderisak has worked as a researcher for several years and holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering.



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