Skills for Leading in an Uncertain Future

Preconference workshop sponsored by JSTOR, Knowledge Futures Group, and LibLynx. This session will be held online using Zoom.

Part 1: Thursday, October 8, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Part 2: Tuesday, October 13, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Cost: $25

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Skills for Leading in an Uncertain Future


If you’re struggling to re-envision and problem solve in today’s very uncertain environment, then this session is for you. Predicting the future in this environment is hard or near impossible, but we know that life won’t revert back to how it was. We need to forge new pathways, in order to maintain, preserve and provide access to the research outputs and cultural heritage we are stewards for.

Doing so in an uncertain world, however, requires the cultivation of new skills and approaches. What does it take to foster adaptation and even growth of our organizations in a fast changing world? To turn lemons into lemonade? This session empowers creative problem solvers and those desiring to evolve their organizations – libraries, publishers and other cultural institutions – with the skills to do so.

This fast-paced hands-on session is facilitated by creative leaders from the library and corporate world and is blisteringly honest about the challenges faced by anyone trying to innovate, and the resistance from your organization’s immune system to new and radically different ideas. Exercises such as “We Can If”, “Crazy 8’s”, “Empathy Maps”, “Comprehension Tests” and “Solution Interviews” will let you tap into the abundant creativity of your co-workers and campus stakeholders, enabling creative problem solving, organizational strategy, and nimbleness in decision-making. Really! And because the exercises are structured as “learn by doing” attendees can take this back to their home office and try and apply right away.


  • Heather Staines, Independent Consultant
  • Curtis Michelson, Founder, MindsAlert
  • Alex Humphreys, Associate VP, JSTOR and Director JSTOR Labs
  • Geoff Timms, Marine Resources Librarian, College of Charleston
  • Caroline Muglia, Co-Assoc. Dean Collections, USC Libraries
  • Tim Lloyd, CEO LibLynx
  • Gary Price, Editor, InfoDOCKET.


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