2021 Scholarship Details

SAGE Publishing’s 2021 Photo Contest

SAGE Publishing’s 2021 Photo Contest is now open for entries, asking academic librarians to submit a photograph depicting how their library demonstrates its impact across campus for the chance to win a travel and registration stipend for this year’s Charleston Conference. Apply by September 10. More Details

Charleston Conference Financial Hardship Scholarships are made possible by generous support from our sponsors, and are available by application as noted below. Additional scholarship details coming soon.

Apply for a Financial Hardship Scholarship

The applicant:

  • must be a library or information sciences professional
  • must fulfill one of the following criteria based on employment status:
    • unemployed
    • if furloughed: no funding is available from the employer
    • if employed: no funding is available from the employer
  • is unable to financially self-fund registration

The applicant will also be asked for the following information:

  • presenting at 2020 Charleston Conference: yes/no
  • name of current or former employer + contact information
  • justification or additional information regarding employment status and funding availability
  • any additional information the jury should consider


  • First-come-first-served: applications are reviewed by a jury in the order they were received
  • Decisions are at the discretion of the jury
  • The Charleston Conference’s objective is to provide a reply within one week of the application
  • If awarded, the applicant must accept the offer within 7 days of notifications
  • Once accepted, the applicant will receive an enrollment code to complete the registration process

Please note that funding for reduced or no-charge registrations is limited, and designed to support those individuals with significant hardship. If you can afford to register, or have already registered, please consider letting others apply.



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