Preprints in Biomedicine are Here: Why, How, and What’s Next?

Preprints in Biomedicine are Here: Why, How, and What’s Next?

This session was recorded live on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.


 While those in the physical sciences and some social science disciplines have used preprints for decades, they were mostly unknown to many in the biomedical research community just five years ago. Fast forward to today and they are increasingly used, read and the subject of conversation among those working in biomedical disciplines. Preprints are playing a major role in the prompt dissemination of findings related to the COVID-19 pandemic and have transcended beyond research circles to also reach policymakers and even the general public. Meanwhile, the speed of preprints and the communication of research prior to scrutiny via a journal’s editorial process also raise questions about the role of peer review, and the importance of implementing quality standards to ensure the credibility of science. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the context and benefits of the recent rise of preprints in the life sciences, how they are perceived by various stakeholders, where they fit in the publishing landscape, and we’ll forecast what the next years hold in store for the future evolution of preprints. 


  • Matthew Ismail, Editor in Chief, Charleston Briefings (Moderator)
  • Jessica Polka, Executive Director, ASAPbio 
  • Iratxe Puebla, Associate Director, ASAPbio 
  • Oya Rieger, Senior Strategist, Ithaka S+R


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