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The Charleston Conference is an informal annual gathering of librarians, publishers and resource managers in Charleston, SC to discuss issues of importance to them all.

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Everyone is welcome to participate in conference sessions, but we do ask that multiple viewpoints be represented and do not allow solo presentations from any one company.

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We think historic downtown Charleston, SC, is the perfect venue to hold an annual conference! We’re sure you’ll agree once you visit.

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“The Charleston Conference is an incredibly stimulating venue. I am tired afterwards, but get so many great ideas, network with my colleagues, and learn what is going on. I recommend it highly.”



One of the traditions of the Charleston Conference is a debate on a resolution, conducted by commonly accepted rules, in which the winner is the debater who convinced the most attendees to change their minds. This debate considered this subject: Resolved: Campus...

Opening Keynote

Here are some interesting statistics on the conference: Leah Hinds opened the conference with an introduction of Katina Strauch and Dr. Richard Gallagher, CEO of Annual Reviews, Inc, the new owner of the Charleston Conference. He paid tribute to the long history of...

The Vendor Showcase

The Vendor Showcase (a.k.a.) Exhibit Hall occupied the first day of the conference, and the only concurrent sessions were information sessions presented by some of the vendors. This has been a traditional scheduling of the Showcase and affords conference attendees...

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