Juried Product Development Forums

jpdfThe Forums are focus groups designed for publishers and vendors to gather market input from librarians on the development of a particular product or service, and for librarians to discuss market issues with publishers and vendors invited to participate in a forum.

Application Information

The Forum sessions are intended for library staff and will be closed to other publishers and vendors. There will be a staffed sign-up table at the Conference for attendees to register on-site. In addition, publishers & vendors may invite their customers to sign up for this event. Distributors, consultants, or individuals from other companies will be admitted if the participating publisher or vendor has added their name to the list of attendees for their session.

Publishers and vendors have a unique opportunity for feedback from librarians regarding the design, features, feasibility or pricing of a particular product or service that addresses internal debates and shortens the sales cycle.

Invitations will be emailed to all registered librarians with additional details in late September.  If you are a librarian attending the Conference and do not receive an invitation, please contact Caroline Goldsmith at [email protected].


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