Call for Papers Instructions


Please read the descriptions of the following elements of the Charleston Conference proposal form and consider each one to give your proposal the best chance of success.

Presentation Title

Creative, interesting, and informative titles are most favorably viewed by the proposal review committees and prospective attendees. The title of the presentation should be descriptive of the content.


300 words max. The description should accurately outline your session’s main points, its relevance to attendees, how it is unique and different from others that may address the same topic, and the ways you will engage your audience. This description will be used both to evaluate the proposal, and in the program if accepted. Light edits are permitted after acceptance prior to publishing the program. Please be aware that we’ve had complaints from attendees in the past when session descriptions do not match the content presented and frame your descriptions accordingly.

Primary Speaker

The Primary Speaker will receive email notification of the proposal’s acceptance or rejection. If the proposal is accepted, the Primary Speaker will serve as the main point of contact for the Charleston Conference Planning Committee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We depend on Primary Speakers to perform a variety of functions in developing the program and ensuring that it is successful at the conference. The Primary Speaker will work with their co-presenters to determine the scope of content, the order of speakers within the program, audiovisual needs, etc.; will confirm program details, descriptions and arrangements with speakers and staff; and will facilitate the program’s presentation.

The Primary Speaker also needs to be familiar with policies concerning registration, recording, accessibility guidelines, and conference proceedings; communicate regularly with co-speakers; respond to requests for information from conference staff and committee members; and adhere to deadlines. By submitting a proposal, you agree to perform these functions to the best of your ability if your proposal is accepted, or to identify a substitute Primary Speaker as necessary.

The Charleston Conference reserves the right to reorganize content, combine proposals, and make other changes as necessary to render the proposal appropriate for presentation at its meetings. The involvement and agreement of the Primary Speaker will be sought on all such changes.

Additional Speakers Information

The Primary Speaker is required to provide full contact information for all of the speakers involved in the proposed session at the time the proposal is submitted. The Charleston Conference requires complete contact information for every speaker so we may issue appropriate speaker information to all presenters – do not list “Presenter TBD.” Please be sure to enter correct email addresses for your co-presenters as well, as they will be used for invitations to create speaker profiles on the event platform. No more than four speakers (or one moderator and three speakers) are permitted per session, and at least one librarian or library worker should be included for each presentation.

Conference sessions should include a diverse representation from the different viewpoints and stakeholders in the scholarly communications process. Please consider the diversity of your panel. Conference sessions are meant for librarians, publishers, and vendors to discuss issues of interest to them all. They are not an opportunity for marketing products or services.

Session Type

Choose the session type you feel is the most appropriate for your proposal. Please see our list of session formats for more information.

Topical Thread

Concurrent sessions are organized into seven topical threads. Please choose the thread you feel would best fit your session.


Select up to three keywords that reflect the program’s main topic areas.

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