Call for Papers

The 2024 Call for Papers is now open!

Submission Deadline: July 10

In Person Conference Dates: November 11-15
Online Conference Dates: December 6-13


Charleston Conference presenters will be required to:

  • register for and attend the conference; and
  • grant permission for video recording and of their presentation.

It is strongly encouraged, but not required, that you submit a paper for the conference proceedings. Additional details about the proceedings will be sent to accepted presenters.

Selection Criteria:

The Charleston Conference Planning Committee will evaluate the content of your proposal for relevance to the conference theme and threads, originality, and timeliness. Special attention will be given to proposals that:

  • are oriented toward providing practical, concrete information for practicing professionals;
  • demonstrate innovative or entrepreneurial thinking;
  • that include a diverse representation from the different viewpoints and stakeholders in the scholarly communications process;
  • generate ideas or report research that contribute to ongoing discussion about the future of the library and information industry;
  • present strategies for effectively implementing new ideas and technology; and
  • encourage active learning among conference attendees.

Submission Guidelines: 

1. There are options to present either in person or virtually. For in-person panels, we will offer a chance for remote speakers to participate via Zoom if necessary but the majority of presenters must attend in person. Virtual presentations must be pre-recorded. More details will be sent by email if your proposal is accepted.

2. PLEASE NOTE: Conference sessions are meant for librarians, publishers, and vendors to discuss issues of interest to them all. They are not an opportunity for marketing products or services. Proposals that do not include at least one librarian or library worker at the time of submission will not be considered.

3. We encourage proposals that include representation from the different viewpoints and stakeholders in the scholarly communications process. Have you considered the diversity of your panel?

4. No more than four presenters (or one moderator and three panelists) are permitted per session, and at least one librarian or library worker should be included for each presentation. The Primary Speaker is required to provide full contact information for all of the speakers involved in the proposed session at the time the proposal is submitted. The Charleston Conference requires complete contact information for every speaker so we may issue appropriate speaker information to all presenters – do not list “Presenter TBD.”

5. In order to allow opportunities for more voices to be heard, we are limiting individuals to participate in a maximum of two conference presentations of any format, whether as a speaker or moderator. If a speaker is included on more than two accepted proposals, we will ask them to choose which ones they’d like to participate in and find an alternate speaker for the rest.

6. A detailed description of our session formats and threads can be found at

Decision notifications will be sent out in early August. Contact Leah Hinds at or Beth Bernhardt at with any questions or comments.


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