Hot Topic of the Week

ATG Hot Topics 4/8/17

by Erin Gallagher  Can you feel it in the air?  No, not the pollen, I mean spring fever!  Here in Portland, Oregon, I’m experiencing my first “real” spring in several years.  In Florida, spring meant that the weather went from Not So Hot to Full Blown Sauna...

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Hot Topics of the Week 9/23/16

Did I miss something this week?  Was there some sort of “autumn equinox” I should have experienced?  Oh wait, that’s right; I live in Florida.  We may not have leaves changing color and temperatures dropping, but we do have a lot of activity on campus as “library...

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ATG Hot Topics 8/26/16

By Erin Gallagher Welcome back to school, librarians and students!  Classes started on Monday here on our campus, and the library is already abuzz again with the sounds of keyboards clicking, friends chattering, and young people snoring on their favorite couches. ...

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ATG Hot Topics 8/5/16

by Erin Gallagher Where did the summer go?  Isn’t that what we usually ask ourselves at this point in the year?  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t exactly clear all of my ambitious summer projects off my list.  Though I’m just entering my sixth year of professional...

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ATG Hot Topics 7/22/16

by Erin Gallagher I’m back after a brief hiatus last Friday while our library held our annual summer “retreat” at the Orange County History Center.  If you’re ever in Orlando, skip the theme parks and check out the History Center; they have a lovely and thoughtful...

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ATG Hot Topics 7/8/16

By Erin Gallagher Greetings and happy Friday, everyone!  Now that I’ve successfully recovered from the chaos of the ALA annual conference, I’d love to hear about your experiences if you attended.  Did anyone melt while walking in the 100-degree heat from one...

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