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ATG Hot Topics: Ready, Set, STRESS!

By Courtney McAllister For many college students in the U.S., final exams are in full swing. Winter break is a tantalizing mirage, hovering on the other side of a comprehensive exam or massive research paper. At my library, finals are an especially anxious time for...

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ATG Hot Topics 5/5/17

By Erin Gallagher Happy May, everyone.  As our various semesters and purchasing cycles wind down, this is that “magical” time when we delve into summer projects.  I tend to be over-ambitious and think that I’ll accomplish multiple projects from beginning to end, when...

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Hot Topics – 4/28/27

Happy Friday, everyone!  Are your libraries teeming with stressed students as they sprint toward their final exams or graduation?  Are you finding a particularly interesting array of food waste items and areas that look suspiciously like campsites in your libraries? ...

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