ATG Caught My Eye

ATG Caught My Eye – 2/3/21

Farewell Print Textbook Reserves: A COVID-19 Change to Embrace This post is by Stephen Bell and it appears in the ESUCAUSE Review. He argues that "the COVID-19 pandemic and the move to remote learning are contributing to the demise of reserves, at least for print...

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ATG Caught My Eye – 11/23/20

State of Open Monograph Series: Author Attitudes Toward Open Access is the most recent article by Peter Potter, Publishing Director in the University Libraries at Virginia Tech, a series of which he is posting on the Digital Science website. This latest article is...

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ATG Caught My Eye 9/10/20

IOP Moves to Universal Double-blind Peer Review: An Interview with Kim Eggleton is a Scholarly Kitchen post in which Rick Anderson interviews Kim Eggleton of the Institute of Physics (IOP). The interview focuses on the publisher's recently announced move to "100%...

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ATG Caught My Eye 8/11/20

The Pandemic Pushed Publishing Into the Digital Realm. So What's Next? This post is by Steve Sieck, president of SKS Advisors, a consulting firm serving publishers and information services providers. In it, Mr. Sieck argues that the pandemic hasn't changed the future,...

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ATG Caught My Eye 7/26/20

Transforming Library Leadership Strategy in a Time of Crisis: Introducing the Special Edition Library Survey 2020 (via Ithaka S+R) by Jennifer K. Frederick reports that a special edition of the Library Survey is being planned. Usually published every three years by...

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ATG Caught My Eye 6/25/20

[Virtual] Conference Season Is Here: Are you prepared? is a Scholarly Kitchen post by Jasmine Wallace, the Peer Review Manager at the American Society for Microbiology. In it she insists that "virtual conferences should be approached with the same viewpoint as...

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ATG Caught My Eye 6/19/20

All By Ourselves is a post appearing in Publishers Weekly by Brian Kenney in which he notes that while "states are pushing to reopen, many libraries are having to figure out their own way forward." He bemoans the lack of leadership from many of the "experts, and...

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