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V35#1, February, 2023 Table of Contents

Links to full text articles are for subscribers only – you must be logged in with a username and password to view content. Full Issue – Read Online Now ISSUES, NEWS, & GOINGS ON Rumors p. 1 From Your Editor p. 6 Letters to the Editor p. 6 Advertising...

If Rumors Were Horses

Against the Grain V35#1 Happy February and March!  Sorry the groundhog wasn’t more optimistic!  It’s been warm here but I suppose we are in for a few more cold snaps!  I was interested to read that even crayons have to retire!  Only burnt sienna...

The New World of Preprint Review

By Michele Avissar-Whiting  (Program Officer, Howard Hughes Medical Institute)  Against the Grain V35#1 On the first two days of December, I had the pleasure of visiting the ultramodern, ultra-picturesque Janelia Research Campus for the first time.  The occasion:...

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