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Reviewing and Renewing: Model Licensing Language and Digital Preservation

2022 Preconference
Tuesday, November 1, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Registration is required, and is included on the main Charleston Conference registration page. Attendance of the full Charleston Conference is not required to attend this session.

Cost: $125


  • Gwen Evans, Elsevier
  • Vida Damijonaitis, American Medical Association
  • Erik Limpitlaw, Stanford University
  • Ann Okerson, CRL
  • Judy Russell, University of Florida
  • Alicia Wise, CLOCKSS

Description: In this preconference, librarians and publishers are invited to review newly refreshed draft model licensing language related to digital preservation. Current model license language was written well over five years ago, in which time there has been staff turnover within both libraries/consortia and publishers, and language has in some cases become diluted or vague. While solid progress has been made in ensuring preservation language appears in subscription journal agreements, less progress has been made with books, databases, or open access publications. Participants will develop their understanding of digital preservation (and related but different concepts such as post-cancellation access, and back-ups for locally loaded content), will help refine the newly refreshed language, and will sharpen their negotiation skills through some role play. This is a unique opportunity for key stakeholders to collaborate on this important but poorly understood element of electronic content agreements.

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