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ATGthePodcast 238 - A Conversation with Bianca Kramer, Advisor, Analyst and workshop facilitator at SesameOpenScience

Today’s episode features a guest host, Michael Upshall,  Community and Outreach Manager at Core, who talks with Bianca Kramer, Advisor, Analyst and workshop facilitator at SesameOpenScience.

Bianca shares her transition from scientist to librarian, driven by a desire for broader interests and family time. She found a balance by working in a university library, supporting research without direct involvement. The discussion delves into the evolving role of libraries in scholarly communication, emphasizing knowledge transfer and supporting researchers. Infographics and digital tools are noted for their relevance, despite ongoing digital innovation. The conversation extends to the impact of digital innovation on research workflows and collaboration, highlighting the importance of adapting to the evolving landscape.

Open access, research integrity, and the Barcelona Declaration are discussed, along with the OSTP memo’s potential influence on open access in North America. They further discuss open science, collaborations, and open access publishing strategies, stressing the importance of early discussions and staying informed. Resources like university libraries, social media platforms, and projects such as OATP are recommended. Peer review’s significance remains, though preprints are changing scholarly publishing. The conversation concludes with a call for continuous improvement and innovation in scholarly communication, considering both technological advancements and ethical considerations. Bianca emphasizes the value of open access publishing and the need for values alongside economic considerations in academia. The impact of digital sovereignty and evolving evaluation methods in scholarly communication are also touched upon, highlighting the ongoing need for development in the field.

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