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ATGthePodcast 233 - A Conversation With Jignesh Bhate, Founder & CEO, Molecular Connections

In today’s episode, Matthew Ismail, a Conference Director and Editor in Chief of the Charleston Briefings, talks with Jignesh Bhate, Founder and CEO, Molecular Connections.

Matthew and Jignesh talk about his background which began in journalism and accounting and how he came to found Molecular Connections over 20 years ago. Jignesh says the mission of Molecular Connections was the same in 2002 as it is today: to accelerate research.   In addition, he says the value proposition for customers is also building a partnership and how to add value by creating new products, incorporating machine learning software, automated workflows and creating new revenue models. He talks about research integrity and ways of finding better reviewers, also using technology to increase customers’ bandwidth to do high value work while saving time and helping editors to make better decisions, also to shorten the time to market between the manuscript and publication. He says Molecular Connections also works to help shorten and improve the cost base of smaller society publishers. 

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