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ATGthePodcast 231 - A Conversation With Judy Verses, President, Academic and Government Markets, Elsevier

Audio from the 2023 Charleston Conference Leadership Interview Series. Meg White, Senior Consultant, Delta Think, and a Director of the Charleston Conference, interviews Judy Verses, President, Academic and Government Markets, Elsevier.

Meg and Judy talk about Judy’s diverse background and how she came into the scholarly publishing industry and her current role at Elsevier, one of oldest publishing houses in the world with an incredible history of content, just celebrating the 200th anniversary of their medical journal: The Lancet. She says Elsevier is focused on innovation, and on the data and analytics side and leveraging quality, trusted content to take knowledge to the next level. She also talks about Scopus and its use of Generative AI, which she says helps the librarian enable the researcher to be as effective as possible.

Judy attended the Charleston Conference for the first time this year, and she says how valuable it is to engage in dialogue, and how making connections in person in Charleston is powerful and how it will help everyone learn and grow.  She also talks about the keynote in which she presented about “coopetition,” a term which she says is based upon an interconnected ecosystem with the researcher at the center, and that to enable the efficacy of the researcher, all the players need to work tightly together. She says competition is important because when you compete with the best, you drive, push and innovate to do a better job on behalf of your customers. 

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