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ATGthePodcast 229 - A Conversation with Bar Veinstein, President, Academia & Government, Clarivate

Audio from the 2023 Charleston Conference Leadership Interview Series. Heather Staines, Senior Strategy Consultant, Delta Think and a Director for the Charleston Conference interviews Bar Veinstein, President, Academia & Government, Clarivate.

Heather and Bar talk about his background and how he came to join Clarivate in a newly created position last year, how technology in libraries has changed and how libraries have been change agents as early adopters of technology ahead of other industries, not just in the libraries but beyond campus. He says Clarivate’s mission is to offer services to help libraries expand beyond the core for libraries to be successful. Bar says Clarivate is constantly searching for ways to help the library engage and interact with other stakeholders on campus to show and extend the value of the libraries to help everyone be successful.

Bar also talks about his experiences with the Charleston Conference and the keynote panel presentation on the need for scholarly publishing and the impact of open research.

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