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ATGthePodcast 219 - A Conversation With David Myers, CEO at Data Licensing Alliance and DMedia Associates

In today’s episode, we’re talking with David Myers, CEO at Data Licensing Alliance and DMedia Associates. David is interviewed by Matthew Ismail, a Conference Director and Editor in Chief of the Charleston Briefings.

David worked for seven years at Wolters Kluwer in licensing and was deeply involved in inbound licensing of data before founding his consultancy, DMedia Associates, 17 years ago when Print was everything. Then, people realized what digital data meant. David founded his other business, Data Licensing Alliance, four years ago.  He consults mainly with STM publishers, and helps companies monetize their digital assets and provides guidance on AI policy. David also talks about how he became involved in licensing of digital assets and what the current business climate is for this process and the challenges involved. 

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