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ATGthePodcast 218 - Instructional Design and the Library: Joining forces to create engaging and inclusive online courses

Audio from the 2022 Charleston Conference from a Session titled “Instructional Design and the Library: Joining forces to create engaging and inclusive online courses”

Instructional design is an exciting field that can help create inclusive, accessible and engaging learning experiences for library patrons. While this work presents challenges, expertise is continually growing in this increasingly evidence-based field. As learning communities become increasingly digitized, librarians have an opportunity to become increasingly connected to instructional design teams within their own institutions. But what do librarians need to know about instructional design so that they can best benefit from what it has to offer? And how can they influence how online course resources are designed so they better meet patrons’ needs?

This session brings together a Library Engagement Manager, a Librarian, and an Instructional Designer to explore three aspects of instructional design:

●     The application of the “universal design” framework for Learning to ensure online resources can engage a broad range of learners, whatever their ability

●     The challenges and opportunities of creating asynchronous online course resources; and

●     Learnings and lessons from online course development

This session was presented by Rachel Crookes, Associate Director, SAGE Campus, Kaneisha Gaston, Library Engagement Manager, SAGE, Sarah Morris, head of instruction and engagement, Emory Libraries, Emory University, and Emma Slayton, Data Curation, Visualization, and GIS Specialist, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries.

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