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ATGthePodcast 168 - A Conversation with Heather Staines, Delta Think

Join us for our latest podcast episode featuring a conversation between Heather Staines, Delta Think, and Matthew Ismail, Editor in Chief of the Charleston Briefings and a Conference Director at the Charleston Conference.

Heather is a Senior Strategy Consultant with Delta Think, a consultancy firm that works with publishers and technology companies on strategy and research projects. She is also the Director of Community Engagement for the Open Access Data and Analytics tool.  Heather is also a Charleston Conference Director. 

The center of Heather and Matthew’s conversation is networking and mentoring for people in scholarly communications. They discuss how Heather came to be in her current position, the various conferences and societies with which she is involved, and the value she finds in serving as a mentor, which she likens to being a librarian or a researcher but with people instead of subject areas. Ultimately, Heather wants to help and encourage people in scholarly communications to build their networks and careers through effective networking and volunteering, which she has found to be invaluable to her own career.

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