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ATGthePodcast 159 - A Conversation with Arne Almquist, Library Administrator and Technologist

Join us for our latest podcast episode featuring a conversation between Arne Almquist, Library Administrator and Technologist, and Matthew Ismail, Editor in Chief of the Charleston Briefings and Conference Director.

Arne is a University administrator and technologist with a wide range of experience in IT and mid-sized and research-level academic libraries.  Arne obtained his Masters and PhD in Information Science and has served at three different libraries since 1983, most recently as Vice President of Information Management and Decision Support at Lamar University.

Arne and Matthew discuss how he became involved with libraries, how his background in information science and technology has impacted how he understands libraries and the information world, and working in collection development.  Arne will also discuss being a Rotary International member and how that helped his work in the university.  He says it is important for libraries to be information savvy, forward thinking, and understand trends to help support the university better and, in turn, they will receive better support from the university.

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