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ATGthePodcast 135 - A Conversation with Juliane Schneider, Senior Bioinformatics Analyst and Data Liaison, Sage Bionetworks

Today’s episode features a conversation with Juliane Schneider, Senior Bioinformatics Analyst and Data Liaison at Sage Bionetworks. The interview was conducted by Matthew Ismail, Editor in chief of the Charleston Briefings and Conference Director at the Charleston Conference. 

Juliane obtained a dual degree in Library Science and Information Systems from Drexel University. This training, and her knowledge of databases, has helped her successfully navigate her career path over the years.  She currently works at Sage Bionetworks, a nonprofit that works mostly with NIH and with data collection, curation and making it available to users.  Juliane says, “she has always been interested in making things discoverable in some way.”

Juliane and Matthew discuss research data management and how time affects the research data cycle, how challenging it is to get in at the very beginning of the cycle, and the problems with grant funding of research data management. She believes research data management should be a line item in the operational budget of the university or institution.

She also believes there is a great deal of responsibility when it comes to data and how algorithms are created, and the way data is searched that we need to be aware of. The open access and open data conversation of how to responsibly use data is not occurring often enough.