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ATGthePodcast 108 - Conversation with Daniel Garzon, CEO, Booklick

Conversation with Daniel Garzon, CEO, Booklick

In today’s episode we will feature audio from a conversation with Daniel Garzon,  CEO of Booklick, a technology company based in Bogata, Columbia.  The interview was conducted by Matthew Ismail, Director of Collection Development, University of Central Michigan. 

There is an energy to a discussion around startups that is very appealing. There is a dynamism and sense of possibility about a new venture that is very different from the staid dynamic of an established organization that is simultaneously consolidating its position in the marketplace and seeking to expand even further. A startup is a hopeful venture and calculated risk of a different variety.

ATG has had some recent conversations with Tommy Doyle, who advises a variety of startups and new ventures (and with whom ATG the Podcast has chatted in the past), and Tommy brought to our attention some exciting ventures that sparked our interest. That is why ATG the Podcast is pleased to present a number of conversations with startups in the world of scholarly communication, starting with Daniel Garzon, CEO of the Columbian startup Booklick, a technology company based in Bogata, Columbia.

We hope that these conversations will spark interest in these sorts of new ventures and the possibilities for innovation they represent.”