ATGthePodcast 095 – Jessica Polka and Iratxe Puebla

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In this episode, Matthew Ismail, editor in chief of the Charleston Briefings: Trending Topics for Information Professionals and Director of Collection Development at Central Michigan University, talks with Jessica Polka and Iratxe Puebla on the topic of preprints in the biological sciences.

Jessica Polka is Executive Director of ASAPbio, a scientist-driven nonprofit preprint organization that is promoting innovation and transparency in life sciences communication. Before becoming a visiting scholar at the Whitehead Institute, Jessica performed postdoctoral research in the department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School (2013-2016) following a PhD in Biochemistry from UCSF (2012).

Iratxe Puebla is Associate Director at ASAPbio. Following a background in biochemistry research, Iratxe moved into open access editorial roles, first at BMC and then PLOS. She was Deputy Editor-in-Chief at PLOS ONE and also serves as a Facilitation Officer at COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics).

Jessica and Iratxe are working with Oya Rieger on a Charleston Briefing on preprints in the biological sciences.