OA Agreements with small independent publishers: a how-to guide with real, friendly publishers

2021 Virtual Preconference
October 28, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Description: Libraries and consortia invest hugely in making agreements with publishers happen; however, there is far less awareness within these organizations of how challenging they can be to implement. A single OA agreement with an institution is much easier for a smaller independent publisher to administer than many article transactions, unless of course each library or consortium wants a different sort of agreement. This pre-conference workshop will be an opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in a friendly and practical environment so that you can negotiate OA agreements with small independent publishers with confidence and skill. The cost is US$50 and you can attend the session even if you are not attending the full Charleston conference.


  • Alicia Wise, Director, Information Power (Moderator)
  • Lorraine Estelle, Director, Information Power
  • Claire Moulton, Publisher, The Company of Biologists
  • Judith Russell, Dean of Libraries, University of Florida
  • Richard Grove, Company of Biologists
  • Rich Blount, Company of Biologists
  • Stacey Burke, American Physiological Society

Opening presentations
9:00 – 9:05 Alicia Wise, welcome and overview
9:05 — 9:15 Claire Moulton
9:15 — 9:25 Judy Russell

9:25 to 9:55 (Facilitated by Alicia) Participant introductions.

9:55 to 10:05 Lorraine Estelle delivers training on how to negotiate with a smaller publisher – highlighting the free tools standard licence, data gathering sheet, FAQs

10:05 to 10:15 BREAK

10:15 — 11:15 Demonstration and Role Play

11:15 to 11:25 BREAK

11:25 to 11:40 Participant discussion

o   What you need to prepare – model licence, data evaluation, workflow, etc.
o   What do you want to collect in terms of information and data and what do you need/expect the publisher to provide?
o   What would be a good outcome for you?
o   After the agreement – how do you/will you promote the agreement, what evidence will you need to collect to evaluate success and/or justify you are making good use of the library funds?

11: 40 to 12:00 Alicia – wrap-up and next steps



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