Sustainable Publishing for Digital Scholarship in the Humanities

This webcast was presented live on Wednesday, October 2, 2019.

Session Description:

Sponsored by Michigan Publishing. Scholarly authors are increasingly using digital tools. They want to produce enhanced ebooks and interactive scholarly works, but these tend not to fit into existing publisher and librarian workflows. Fulcrum is a platform developed at the University of Michigan which supports authors who want to push the boundaries of the book. The University of Michigan Press Ebook Collection (UMP EBC) includes an increasing number of enhanced titles and takes full advantage of the rich features on the Fulcrum platform. Thanks to the support of purchasing libraries, UMP EBC is able to sustain the publication of new forms of scholarship, including open access titles, and sustain the open source, community-based scholarly infrastructure.
In this webinar attendees will learn about this new form of scholarship, including how it is being sustained by the community via UMP EBC and Fulcrum, and walk away inspired to sustain this burgeoning community.


  • Lanell White, Director of Sales, Marketing, and Outreach (Michigan Publishing)
  • Sara Cohen, Editor for American Studies, University of Michigan Press
  • Andrée J. Rathemacher, Head, Acquisitions, University of Rhode Island (Librarian)
  • Professor Anne Ruggles Gere, editor of “Developing Writers in Higher Education: A Longitudinal Study”
  • Professors Abigail De Kosnik and Keith P. Feldman, Editors, “#identity: Hashtagging Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Nation”
  • Doctoral Candidate and Rackham Public Engagement Fellow, Matthew Naglak, Researcher, “A Mid-Republican House From Gabii”


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