Opportunities and Challenges in Disseminating Pre-Published Research

This webinar was recorded live on November 25, 2019.

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Researchers often spend years gathering initial data, discussing their observations, and presenting preliminary findings at conferences before eventually sharing their work in a journal article. This entire process takes place offline, hidden within the walls of universities or conference halls. Without knowing what’s happening in research right now due to long publishing processes, researchers may be unaware they’re working on the same topics as others or using outdated findings as the foundation of their research, dramatically slowing down progress in science. What’s more, the early-stage research that is shared is often communicated in a convoluted and poorly-designed format, reducing the impact and accessibility of important findings.

This webinar focuses on the hurdles and opportunities in the early-stage research environment. Discover the tools that can promote the dissemination of grey literature and learn how you can support researchers in improving the format and design of their conference posters. Sami Benchekroun, Managing Director of Morressier, Mike Morisson, UX designer and work psychology researcher, and Jaap van Netten, human movement scientist, will be on board to answer your questions and shine a light on a traditionally underserved area of research.


Sami Benchekroun is the cofounder and CEO of Morressier, the company that aims to accelerate scientific breakthroughs by building the home for early-stage research. His vision is to create a single place for pre-published research to be discussed, shared, analyzed, and discovered by the entire scientific ecosystem. Sami has over ten years of experience in academic conferences, scholarly publishing, and entrepreneurship, and a background studying business at ESCP in London, Paris and Berlin.

Jaap van Netten is a human movement scientist from the Netherlands. He works as senior researcher and academic clinician at Amsterdam UMC, while he also has an adjunct associate professor affiliation at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. His research and clinical activities aim to reduce the burden of diabetic foot disease. Specifically, at our department we focus on understanding and unraveling the relation between biomechanics, behaviour and prevention and healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

Mike Morrison is a former User Experience (UX) designer who quit his tech career to become a PhD student in Work Psychology. He’s trying to do two things in his career: 1) Bring User Experience design principles to science, to help disseminate knowledge faster and more efficiently 2) Understand the psychological differences between so-called ‘realists’ and ‘dreamers’. He recently released a video introducing a new way to design scientific research posters — which every field in science uses and which are notorious for their bad design. His video went viral, and now scientists across every field in science are trying out his new design — and having more fun sharing their research with other scientists.


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