Library as Publisher: New Models of Scholarly Communication for a New Era

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This webcast aired live on February 28, 2018.

Session Description: Why are so many libraries going into the publishing business at a time when scholarly publishing is facing so many challenges? Publishing, after all, is a complex business and the trend in the marketplace is to economies of scale and the consolidation of smaller publishers into the fold of the largest. It does not seem a propitious moment for a library to become a small independent publisher.

So why are libraries doing this?  How is this similar or different from the services commercial publishers provide?  Does it involve offering the same services, or are new models, types of content, and needs resulting in new solutions that suit new players?

This webinar will help the reader understand the context of library publishing. It also explores when a publishing program is a good fit for a library and provides guidance for defining, launching or growing a publishing initiative.


Sarah Lippincott, Scholarly Communications and Digital Scholarship Consultant

I’m an information professional with a passion for digital scholarship. I served as the inaugural Program Director for the Library Publishing Coalition, where I built a community of over 60 libraries around the world. I have published and presented widely on library publishing and digital scholarship. My strengths include needs and program assessment, data analysis, design, strategic planning, and community-building. I’m a creative systems-thinker who enjoys working with librarians and publishers to achieve their goals. I’d love to talk to you about opportunities to contribute to your scholarly communication and digital scholarship initiatives.

Issac Gilman, Dean of University Libraries at Pacific University (Oregon), and founder and Director of the Pacific University Press

Isaac Gilman is Dean of University Libraries at Pacific University (Oregon), as well as the founder and Director of the Pacific University Press. A co-founding editor of the Journal of Librarianship & Scholarly Communication and author of Library Scholarly Communication Programs: Legal and Ethical Considerations, Isaac has been actively involved in the library publishing community since 2009. Isaac holds a Master of Library and Information Studies from the University of British Columbia and Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Kenyon College.


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