Hacking The Library: A Preview of a Charleston 2019 Offering

This webcast aired live on Wednesday, March 27.

Slides (PDF)

Presenters: Curtis Michelson, Minds Alert, LLC; Caroline Muglia, University of Southern California; Heather Staines, Hypothes.is; and Geoff Timms, College of Charleston. Hosted by Leah Hinds, Charleston Library Conference.

Description: Hacking for Good: How libraries can ‘hack’ their systems and organizations to align with future outcomes and solve the problems that truly matter.

We mean “hacking” not as breaking into a computer system, bur rather ‘hacking’ as creatively re-thinking a traditional method or system, finding a creative new path to solve an old library problem. Our hope is to support more librarians in hacking, in taking ownership of their future, partnering with others, and finding opportunities to grow and improve their services and offerings. In this webinar, we’ll offer a quick preview of a new Charleston session and invite your feedback. We’re inviting YOU to help us hack this new session together and make it great.


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