Audiobook Trends: Growing Role in Higher Education Curriculum

This webinar broadcast live on Wednesday, August 7.

Presenter: Brad Gray / Senior Solutions Engineer / Recorded Books

Hosted by: Leah Hinds, Executive Director, Charleston Conference

Description: Audiobooks are exploding in popularity. According to the Association of American Publishers, digital audiobooks are the fastest growing publishing format for the sixth year in a row―and college-age readers are a significant driver of that growth.

According to a recent industry survey, 48% of college-age readers pick audiobooks as their book format of choice. Digital audiobooks are the perfect addition to higher ed libraries to supplement classroom instruction and research, and encourage students to “read” more on their own.

In this free webcast, you will learn:

-Why audiobooks are a great curriculum resource for professors and students
-How to support different learning styles and students’ needs
-Six ways to incorporate audiobook content into existing curriculum
-The benefits of an unlimited-access audiobook collection for the library’s budget.


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