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This webcast aired live on June 19, 2018.

Description: Announcing the new ATG Trendspotting Initiative!

Building last year’s FuturesLab, the Charleston Conference invites broad participation in our new ATG Trendspotting Initiative, a community-engaged process for cooperatively and collaboratively exploring social, policy, economic, technology, and educational trends and forecasting the impacts of these trends on scholarly communication, publishing, and academic libraries.

ATG Trendspotting kicks off with a free webinar on June 19, 11 am-12 pm PT/12-1 pm MT/1-2 pm CT/2-3 pm ET.  Learn about the initiative and how you can participate as a Trend Storm nominator, Trend Lab participant at the Charleston Conference, and/or Trend Texts contributor to the annual essay compendium. Webinar speakers will include Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Project Director and Trend Lab Leader, as well as Katina Strauch and Leah Hinds of the Charleston Conference.

The webinar will be recorded and made available for later viewing.

Already ready to submit to the Trend Storm and/or nominate yourself to participate in the Trend Lab at the Charleston Conference? Fill out this form by July 20.  You can submit a Trend Storm even if you are unable to attend the Charleston Conference so don’t let travel be a barrier to participation!

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We envision:

  • Producing a vetted listing of social, policy, economic, technology, and educational trends by means of the Trend Storm.
  • Hosting a Trend Lab forum at the Charleston Conference on the potential impacts of the trends on the information industry with a small group of nominated/invited participants.
  • Presenting a Trend Talk panel at the Charleston conference sharing the results of the Trend Lab discussion and soliciting further input.
  • Publishing Trend Texts, a set of short essays summarizing the trends, forecasting the impact of the trends on the information industry, synthesizing the discussion at the Charleston Conference, and assessing the speed, depth, and desirability of the coming changes.
  • Offering a spring 2019 Trendspotting webinar sharing summary of process and kicking off the next round of trend identification.

Still have questions?

Contact Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Project Director and Trend Lab Leader, at


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