AI in Scholarly Research

This session broadcast live on September 23, 2019.

Slides (PDF)

Speakers: Haris Dindo, Chief Data Scientist, Yewno; Ruth Pickering, Co-Founder / Chief BD and Strategy Officer, Yewno; Moderated by Matthew Ismail, Central Michigan University.

Recent research has shown that 50% of search is ‘known item’ and 50% is discovery – where the researcher is looking for a topic or concept.  Today the enormously varied document metadata provided by content owners means that traditional search results fail to surface a huge amount of highly valuable content.  AI enables full text discovery, where the entire text has been indexed and researchers can not only find what they’re looking for but also be directed to the exact section of the document.  This webinar will explain the principles of ‘keyword’ vs ‘concept based’ searching and how these differ along with looking at a range of use cases and how far the technology has been adopted.  Please join Haris Dindo, Yewno’s Chief Data Scientist along with Ruth Pickering and Jason Chabak who would be delighted to answer any questions you have on this subject.


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