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Going Deeper: AI, Knowledge Graphs and Scholarly Research

This webcast was recorded on Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

A Follow-Up Interview with Yewno’s COO Ruth Pickering

Artificial Intelligence or “AI”, is a broad field encompassing a range of applications for multitudes of disciplines and industries.  Earlier this year, the Charleston Library Conference addressed the topic of AI in Scholarly Research with leading AI provider Yewno, in a  three part webinar series.  We covered a wide variety of subjects including various definitions of AI, the place of AI in the Library, AI for scholarly publishing, and the democratization of information access.

At 2:00pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, December 2nd, we will host a final webcast to cover some highlights from the AI in Scholarly Research series, go deeper on the subject of Knowledge Graphs, and answer some of the outstanding questions that our past participants have posed.


  • Matthew Ismail, Director of Collection Development, Central Michigan University, and Editor in Chief, Charleston Briefings
  • Ruth Pickering, COO, Yewno

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