Getting Open Access to Work with Workflows

2021 Preconference: In Person Session
Tuesday, November 2, 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Description: Transformative agreements are not just an opportunity for institutions to repurpose subscription fees to support open access publishing, they are also a framework for institutions to re-orient their processes and workflows around the open dissemination of research. In the subscription world, interactions between publishers and libraries were oriented at the level of the journal, but as transformative and institutional open access publishing agreement proliferate, librarians and publishers alike need to articulate their interactions with more granularity at the article level. New infrastructures and services are being developed to help support some of these new workflows (CCC, OA Switchboard, ChronosHub, Oable), but efficient open access workflows to identify eligible authors and articles, track articles for invoicing, generate metadata for reporting, etc. are foundational to the success of these agreements and to a scholarly journal publishing paradigm based on open access.


The preconference workshop is being organized by participants in the ESAC Initiative. ESAC is a global community of practice of libraries and consortia promoting efficiencies and standards around the negotiation and implementation of transformative and open access publishing agreements.

  • Colleen Campbell, Open Access 2020 and ESAC Initiatives, Max Planck Digital Library
  • Matthew Goddard, E-Resources Librarian, Iowa State University
  • Adam Der, Transformative and OA Agreement Licensing Manager, Max Planck Digital Library



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