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Extending the reach and discovery of Quality OA journals through world-wide community engagement in their curation

This webinar was recorded live on Monday, November 16, 2020.

Description: The mission of the Directory of Open Access Journals is “to increase the visibility, accessibility, reputation, usage and impact of quality, peer-reviewed, open access scholarly research journals globally, regardless of discipline, geography or language. [www.doaj.org/about#aimscope].” To achieve an important part of that mission DOAJ engages more than 20 “DOAJ Ambassadors” and almost one hundred volunteer editors carefully chosen from researchers, educators, and librarians around the world. This session will describe how this process of selecting and managing these volunteers is carried out at DOAJ. Attendees will learn what criteria are applied to accept peer-reviewed Open Access journals into DOAJ, as well as the additional criteria by which a journal can obtain the “DOAJ Seal.” Since alignment with the interests of libraries and universities is one of the core principles for DOAJ, seeing how DOAJ reaches out, recruits, and manages volunteers from the academic community reveals one of the ways in which alignment of DOAJ with the interests of libraries is carried out in practice.

Moderator: Adrien Stanley, Managing Director, Publishers, Digital Science


  • Tom Olijhoek, Editor-in-Chief, DOAJ.
  • Ivonne Lujano, Lecturer, Autonomous Mexico State University, Mexico. Invonne is the DOAJ Ambassador for Latin America.
  • Vrushali Dandawate, Head Librarian, AISSMS College of Engineering, Pune Maharashtra, India. Vrushali is one of the DOAJ Ambassadors for India.
  • Judith Barnsby, Senior Managing Editor, DOAJ 

Space is limited, and registration is required to attend.

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