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By Column Editor:  David Parker  (Publisher and Consultant;  Phone: 201-673-8784)  and Andrea Eastman-Mullins  (Founder/CEO West End Learning;  Phone: 336-448-3327)  and Joel Nkounkou  (Founder/CEO Ecotext;  Phone: 603-969-1926)  Against the Grain V33#6 In the...

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If Rumors Were Horses

Against the Grain Vol. 33#5 BIG NEWS!  Against the Grain will be moving to an all-digital publication beginning with the February 2022 issue, Volume 34 #1.  We’re excited about the new features and functionalities this will bring to improve the publication...

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ATG Job Bank for 7/5/22

NORTH Research and Instruction Librarian - Williams College – Williamstown, MA Arts Librarian, Drama, Theater, Art History - Yale University, CT Head of Arts Library Access Services - Yale University, CT Head, Digital Initiatives, Tisch Library, Tufts University,...