Cambridge Journals Digital Archive, from 1770 to 2018: Learn why and how this vital resource came to be, and how relevant its content remains

The following webcast aired live on Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

Description: With over 1.2 million articles in over 450 journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, the Cambridge Journals Digital Archive has long been a trusted resource for thousands of libraries worldwide. Why and how was this collection put together? What purpose does the publisher serve in digitizing, curating, and maintaining periodical content dating back centuries? Listen to journal publishers discuss how the availability of archival content impacts current research, and how that content remains highly relevant today.

Moderated by Matthew Ismail, Director of Collection Development, Central Michigan University; Editor, Charleston Briefings; Conference Director, Charleston Conference.


  • Ann H. Avouris, Executive Publisher, Journals, Cambridge University Press, USA
  • Jamie McIntyre, PhD, Senior Commissioning Editor, Cambridge University Press, UK
  • Gavin Swanson, PhD, Editorial Development Manager, Cambridge University Press, UK



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