About Charleston Voices

Editor: Lars Meyer, Associate Dean, Access and Resource Services, Emory University

Charleston Voices is an ongoing yearly series that publishes chapters based on ideas first shared at the annual Charleston Conference. The Charleston Voices editorial team chooses chapters based on relevancy, session attendance counts, analysis of survey feedback from conference attendees, and social media mentions. The authors contributing to Charleston Voices represent library, publisher, vendor, technology, and professional association perspectives. The topics they address vary widely and are typical of the issues and challenges faced by anyone working to acquire and make available library resources or scholarly content.

The audience for Charleston Voices is similar to the audience for the Charleston Conference: librarians, publishers, information technology professionals, vendors, consultants, and entrepreneurs. In Charleston Voices, readers will discover a wide variety of chapters covering the changing nature of library collections and services, standards, and assessment. The chapters point to emerging and continuing concerns for the libraries and publishes and point to novel approaches and practices aimed at improving the publication, management, and use of scholarly resources.

See https://www.fulcrum.org/cv

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