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Tea Time With Katina And Leah

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I confess. I love baseball. We didn’t have a tv until the late 50s, so radio was the best way to hear about baseball games.  I was sad to learn of the death of Willie Mays, one of the greatest baseball players of all time. My brothers and I used to pull for the Cincinnati Reds, but we thought Willie Mays and the San Francisco Giants were way cool. Mays’ nickname was the “Say Hey kid” but supposedly he never used those words in public. The “Say Hey Kid” was 93. You can see May’s life in photos here.

I told y’all about this yacht the other day; here’s an update from Jody Gogol of Wild Dunes who posted this on Next Door. ”This magnificent yacht, SAMSARA, is sitting off the coast of IOP down by Dewees Island.  The owner is JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter.  The beautiful yacht is fully lit up at night.”  Check it out!  https://www.superyachtfan.com/yacht/samsara/

Have you ever used a Charleston Briefing? The Briefings were conceived by the amazing,  broad-minded and forward-thinking former editor-in-chief Matthew Ismail. There are many of them! 

Charleston Briefings 2017 Library as Publisher by  Sarah Kalikman Lippincott

Charleston Briefings 2017 Reading in A Digital Age by David M. Durant

Charleston Briefings 2017 Peer Review: Reform and Renewal in Scientific Publishing by Adam Etkin, Thomas Gaston, and Jacob Roberts

Charleston Briefings 2017 Library Marketing from Passion to Practice by Jill Stover Heinze

Charleston Briefings 2018 Accessibility & Publishing by Stephanie Rosen

Charleston Voices: Perspective from the 2017 Conference by Lars Meyer

Charleston  Voices: Perspectives from the 2018 Conference by Lars Meyer

Charleston Voices: Perspectives from the 2019 Conference by Lars Meyer

Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2020 by Beth Bernhardt, Leah Hinds, et al

Charleston Briefings: 2021: The Scholarly Workflow in the Digital Age by Steven Weiland

Charleston Briefings: 2022: Preprints: Their evolving role in Science Communication By Iratxe Puebla, Jessica Polka and Oya Y. Reiger

Charleston Briefings: 2022: The Predator Effect: Understanding the Present and Future of Deceptive Academic Journals by Simon Linacre

Charleston Briefings: 2022: Artificial Intelligence in Libraries and Publishing, edited by Ruth Pickering and Matthew Ismail



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Tea Time With Katina And Leah

I have noticed that Artificial Intelligence  is  thrust on us at  times that we don’t need to use it. Has that happened to you? I was interested to see on Publishing Perspectives that Elsevier has done a study (Insights2024:Attitudes Towards AI) of researchers-writers...


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