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Tea Time With Katina And Leah

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This unassuming fern has the largest known genome (DNA) and no one knows why. Scientists hope the study of it and other giant genomes will shed light on species resilience (by Ashley Stimpson).

I love to watch horse racing, and am looking forward to the Belmont Stakes this Saturday, June 8.  I know it’s moving from Belmont Park to Saratoga Springs for renovation. I have never been to a horse race in person nor do I bet on which horse will win, but it’s still fun, especially if there’s a Triple Crown Winner. Sadly not this year. 

Following up on the horse theme, I saw that Christie’s is having an auction in July for a lyrical masterpiece by the preeminent equine artist, George Stubbs, reportedly the “greatest-ever painter of horses.” Mares and Foals in an extensive landscape (1769). The story goes that when the horse (Whistlejacket) was being led back and forth by a stable boy, the horse got a glimpse of himself on the artist’s easel. Thinking it was a rival stallion, Whistlejacket tried  to kick and fight it. The artist had to intervene. Seems like it must have been an accurate representation. christies.com


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