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Major Publishers Sue Google Over Ads for Pirated Ebooks – Plus More ATG News & Announcements for 6/6/24

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Publishing Perspectives reports that “Filed today (June 5) in a 46-page complaint with the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, a new lawsuit addresses what its plaintiffs say are “Google’s systemic and pervasive advertising of unauthorized, infringing copies” of textbooks by four of the world’s largest international educational publishers. The plaintiffs say that Google’s handling of infringement notices has been “a circus of failures. …”

The plaintiffs are Elsevier; Cengage Learning; Macmillan Learning; McGraw Hill.

Cengage Learning Inc v. Google LLC asserts in its complaint today that, “The publishers [the plaintiffs] have reported infringement after infringement to Google, only to have those reports ignored. Google has continued to advertise infringing works while simultaneously restricting ads for authentic educational works—supporting piracy instead of legitimacy. …”

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