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Tea Time With Katina And Leah

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Congratulations to College of Charleston alumnus, Michael Bourke ‘08 and his wife, Jenny Ferrara, for cleverly founding Philosophers & Fools Books and Beverages at 50 Bogard Street in Charleston. From the website: “Philosophers & Fools is a cozy neighborhood bookstore bar in Charleston, SC. Created by two people who love to read and sip on a glass of wine or a craft beer while they read, they crazily (or brilliantly?) said to one another, “Why don’t we create a space where others can enjoy this, too?”  And so, here we are. We’ve made our dream a reality. Everything we carry, from the books to the wine & beer, from the snacks to the decor has been thoughtfully selected by our team. Just ask – there’s a story for just about everything in the shop! We welcome you to come in and discover a new book or find an old one not yet on your shelf, sit down for a conversation with friends, and enjoy something to drink or snack on. We look forward to talking about books with you.”

Both the Charleston City Paper and the Post and Courier are raving about it! We can’t wait to stop in (it’s a 20 minute walk from the Francis Marion) and congratulate them! https://www.philosophersandfools.com/

Looking around for something to read, I found reference in Booknotes to Andrew Pettegree’s The Book At War. Booknotes has compelling interviews. Taking the concept from Brian Lamb’s long running Booknotes TV program, the podcast offers listeners more books and authors. Booknotes+ features a mix of new interviews with authors and historians, along with some old favorites from the archives. The platform may be different, but the goal is the same–giving listeners the opportunity to learn something new. I am buying the book. www.booknotes.org

Seems that retractions are everywhere in the news! Have you read Professor Daniel Dotson’s articles (Ohio State University) in ATGs about retractions in v.35#3?


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