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Tea Time With Katina And Leah

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I’d like to give a big shout out to David Crotty contributor/manager of the scholarly kitchen! David is always posting great tidbits and think pieces. Here’s an example:   AI, Translations, and the Dominance of the English language. I was especially interested in this recent post and was heartened to read: ”Though we’re not there yet — the specific jargon-based language of many fields will likely take some time to filter into general use tools —  AI offers a potentially more level playing field for global authors.”

I am of Greek extraction and most mornings, I test myself on Greek on duolingo and also throw in German, French, Italian and Spanish. Will AI take over this area of study?

I see that the London Book Fair is coming up, March 12-14, 2024. I remember attending the 1988-89 or thereabouts LBF after the FATWA was issued in  February 1989 calling for the death of Rushdie and his publishers Viking Penguin. It was a packed fair and everyone, including my husband and I, was searched. Satanic Verses was a finalist for the 1986  Booker Prize and won the 1988 Whitbred Award for Novel of the Year. Rushdie was granted police protection by the UK government and attacks on connected individuals continued; the Japanese translator Hitoshi Igarashi was stabbed to death in 1991. A Tea with Leah and Katina in January reported that Rushdie was stabbed multiple times as he was about to give a public lecture at the Chautaugua Institute in New York in 2022. Thankfully, he survived. His next book is called Knife: Meditations after an Attempted Murder. 

The talented and awesomely entrepreneurial Dan Doody has announced his retirement.  From Dan Doody:  “After 31 years under the stewardship of founder Dan Doody, Doody Enterprises, Inc., has a new owner, and it is a familiar face. Tim Butzen, most recently the Chief Operating Officer, will be helming the company for the next 31 years and then some. I’m so grateful that the company is in the hands of such a capable, creative, and forward-thinking owner as Tim Butzen.” Explaining that Doody Enterprises is more than just a business to him, Doody said it was important that the next owner had the same values and dedication to its mission as he did.  “There are countless concrete examples of librarians’ contributions to the growth and development of Doody Enterprises to support the claim that Doody’s products and services are developed by librarians for librarians. And just like the publishers and expert reviewers, the librarians make these vital contributions as an act of goodwill. So, a key to the sustainable success of Doody Enterprises is the willingness of publishers, academics, and librarians to collaborate on producing information that serves the mission of all three groups.  It seems fitting, then, that the ownership of Doody Enterprises passes from a career-long medical publisher to an employee with an advanced degree in library and information science. In closing, I want to express my long-held heartfelt gratitude to all health sciences librarians who have contributed to the content we provide in our publications. It has been a rich and joyful experience to collaborate with you over the last three decades. I’m equally grateful to you, our readers and users, who by your open rates and click throughs demonstrate the value of the work and contributions of so many of your peers and others. I end with my best wishes, hoping all others involved in producing and consuming the vital content found in health sciences literature attach a lasting value to indispensible librarians.” 

Watch for our interview with Dan coming up!


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Tea Time With Katina And Leah

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