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Tea Time With Katina and Leah

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Darrell Gunter

Let’s start with a much- deserved Shout out to Darrell W. Gunter!

Darrell’s active involvement with the Charleston Conference began approximately 5 years ago when he began working with the Charleston Premiers and startups (Innovators Session).  This year we gave the Premiers a plenary spot because of its growing popularity.

Darrell is wonderfully creative and focused!  His insights can redeem the driest topic into a must-attend session.  He is an accomplished author, radio/podcaster, and speaker.  Darrell’s editing and writing are also discerning and thoughtful.

 If you need a phenomenal speaker, you should definitely consider Darrell Gunter!.

Universal Write Publications (UWP), an independent Black-owned scholarly press, is celebrating two decades of promoting and publishing academic works that underscore Black voices and narratives. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Ayo Sekai, UWP has flourished from a passion project publishing fiction and children’s books into a respected publisher of rigorous, peer-reviewed academic literature that enriches African agency discussions.” Publishing with UWP has been an exhilarating experience, full of inspiration, visionary insight, and possibilities,” said author and Black scholar Molefi Kete Asante. “Ayo Sekai takes her place beside Haki Madhubuti, Paul Coates, and other legendary publishers in advancing African American intellectual work in the 21st century.”

Editor Walter Greason extolled UWP’s contributions, “UWP represents the growth of a vital aspect of the publishing industry—African diaspora voices. Without Ayo Sekai’s vision and leadership, the world’s readers would miss essential content for the future of human civilization.”

Reflecting on the press’s journey, Dr. Sekai stated, “Our work over the past two decades has solidified UWP’s role in safeguarding knowledge and advocating for the essence of education and Black excellence.”

This year, UWP announced the development of a new book series, Methodologies for Research: The Little Black Books, books that will teach researchers and graduate students about culturally valid, humanizing, and liberatory methodologies in the tradition of Africana Studies. Available in 2025.

HeinOnline, a database of U.S. State Commitments with Foreign Governments is a collection of more than 750 legal and political commitments between the U.S. States and foreign governments is edited by Ryan Scoville Professor of Law at Marquette University Law School. Most of the agreements have never before been published. U.S. states frequently enter into arrangements with foreign governments to cooperate on issues ranging from economic development to environmental protection. Available in print and online database formats, U.S. State Commitments with Foreign Governments provides the full text of hundreds of these kinds of arrangements.  The current version of the database and one copy of the print counterpart will be offered to institutions and organizations for a one-time payment of  $295.00. Future editions will be billed as they are released. https://home.heinonline.org/content/u-s-state-commitments-with-foreign-governments/.

Coherent Digital has partnered with Trojman Corporation, a major Canadian micropublisher based in Ontario, Canada, and will create a new digital collection. Trojman was founded in 2020 by Salvy Trojman.  After more than thirty years’ working with libraries, Salvy is one of the best known and most respected vendors in the Canadian market. Coherent and Trojman partnered to acquire the Canadian Electronic Library and grow it into a new and expanded Canada Commons.

Since 1973, McLaren Micropublishing, based in Toronto, Canada, has been creating microfilm collections of Canadian newspapers, serials, and other publications covering topics including art, architecture, Canadian history, LGBTQ history and culture, and women’s history.  Many of the materials are extremely rare, and more than sixty percent of McLaren’s 1.5 million microfilmed pages have yet to be digitized. Duncan McLaren, founder of McLaren Micropublishing, was an academic at the University of Toronto. His unswerving focus on capturing and preserving hidden and disenfranchised voices is evident in the richness of these collections. Today, Coherent Digital acquired the company in partnership with Ontario-based Trojman Corporation. Coherent and Trojman will create a series of online projects, starting with Canadian History and Culture. Canada Commons emerged as a new version of the Canadian Electronic Library in 2021, with enhanced functionality on the Commons platform and additional content formats. Since launching, Canada Commons has more than quadrupled in size and is now used daily at more than 150 Canadian colleges, schools, public, law, and corporate libraries.


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Tea Time With Katina And Leah

4-12-24 The wonderful Ramune Kubilius sends us this astonishing news!   Garbage collectors in Ankara, Turkey, started noticing an increasing number of books being thrown away. Rather than let them end up in landfills, they began rescuing the books....

Tea Time With Katina And Leah

4-12-24 The wonderful Ramune Kubilius sends us this astonishing news!   Garbage collectors in Ankara, Turkey, started noticing an increasing number of books being thrown away. Rather than let them end up in landfills, they began rescuing the books....


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