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Tea Time With Katina and Leah

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Heather Staines’ oldest son LIAM

This week we are posting pictures of tubas! Did you know that the tuba was invented in 1835 and is the lowest-pitched instrument in the brass family. The sound is produced by lip vibration into a mouthpiece. It is one of the newest instruments in the modern orchestra and concert band! The tuba was used most frequently with Louis Armstrong Groups and prominent in the album Hot Five. Introducing Heather Staines’ oldest son LIAM who  is now doing a Masters in Tuba Performance at the Peabody Conservatory at JHU. Here are some tuba pictures!

The third one is the oldest. Liam’s Senior picture from High School.

Then it was off to the University of Maine for Tuba Performance degree (that’s the middle one).

This summer he did a concert at the YMCA camp where he has worked as a counselor for three years. The kids loved it!

Much good luck to Liam! 

Heather Staines’ oldest son LIAM at University of Maine

A few days ago, I attended a Baker & Taylor webinar, The Digital Dish: Featuring Bendable, a community-powered lifelong learning platform through online courses and in person learning opportunities for library education. There’s a lot of interest in lifelong learning and David Parker is discussing LL in several of his columns. A shout out to David Parker for all of his innovations!

David will be at The Charleston Library Conference in two capacities:

  1. He will be presenting on Friday, November 10th on a unique approach to funding for open access ebooks.
  2. And part of the Vendor Showcase for Lived Places Publishing on Tuesday, November 7th. At Lived Places Publishing (LPP) has built a different approach to funding open access that is based on two principles: First, 5% of all revenues generated by the publisher are dedicated to funding open access. Second, authors opt in to open access publishing.
Heather Staines’ oldest son LIAM’s senior picture from high school

I’d like to give another  Shout Out to Steven Bell’s Blog on the Charleston Hub

Back to the librarian future. Steven is the Associate University Librarian at Temple University Libraries, a position he has held since 2006. He’s responsible for all research and instruction services, all access services (circulation/reserve; interlibrary; stacks), outreach and communication and collections/acquisitions.Steven is a graduate of Penn’s Graduate School of Education with a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D), in 1997. His dissertation topic was “A Critical Analysis of Strategic Decision Making for Information Technology in Academic Research Libraries,” a study of the decision-making process for the acquisition of large scale information technology at academic institutions – although focusing on the library’s decision process for acquiring a new library management system. Prior to that Steven earned his MLS at Drexel University, and his undergraduate degree (in American Studies) from Temple University

Steven is currently an adjunct instructor for San Jose State University’s iSchool where he teaches a two-credit course in design thinking. Besides blogging for the Charleston hub, Steven  writes two monthly columns for Library Journal, “From the Bell Tower”, covering the intersection of academic librarianship and higher education, and “Leading From the Library”, covering leadership issues for library leaders. He also maintains a blog called Designing Better Libraries that focuses on the application of design thinking and user experience in libraries. sites.temple.edu

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  1. Jennifer Dewar

    For tuba fans, I invite you to Tennessee Technological University’s “Tuba Collection” webpage, thanks to our now retired and renowned tubist, professor R. Winston Morris: https://www.tntech.edu/tubacollection/biography.php. Tour our tuba museum, courtesy of Dr. Charles McAdams photography.


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Tea Time With Katina And Leah

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