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Tea Time With Katina and Leah

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UNC-Chapel Hill has announced that that the exuberantly cheerful Rebecca Vargha has been inducted into Special Libraries Association Hall of Fame

Rebecca Vargha

Rebecca Vargha, head of UNC-Chapel Hill’s Information and Library Science Library, has been inducted into the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Hall of Fame.  Hall of Fame membership recognizes a distinguished professional for service to SLA over the course of her career. 

Vargha is a Past President of SLA (2006 – 2007). She has served on numerous SLA committees and task forces and taken on leadership roles for Knowledge Management, Leadership Management, the Encore Caucus and the Carolinas SLA Communities. Vargha was named a Fellow of SLA in 2013 and received the association’s Rose L. Volmecker Award in 2015 for her work mentoring students and working professionals. Rebecca and various colleagues have been conducting annual Acquisitions Bootcamps for the past at least ten years! These sessions are highly popular!  Watch for our interview with Rebecca coming soon! 

I have been reviewing old issues of ATG and it’s quite fun. You can see history and how things have changed over nearly 30 years! A few Rumors, etc. Do you remember that Swets and Nijhoff were once planning to merge but the merger was called off? Turns out that Coutts acquired Nijhoff’s Library Business in 2002. Mary Fugle left Springer Verlag for Director of Sales at Elsevier, joining John Tagler and Brian Scanlon, the merger of B.H. Blackwell and , Ltd., and John Menzies was being bandied about. Things I neglected to do! I thought it would be interesting to keep a database of mergers in our industry. What a resource it would be now! Oh, well.

While I was reading through these issues of ATG, the hard-working and traveling Leah Hinds was at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Besides the STM Conference and SSP’s program, Charleston will have a Scholarly Publishing Program on Friday morning! 




Join us for an academic conference during the Publisher Perspectives Forum at the Frankfurt Book Fair. This conference is free and open to all registered Frankfurt Book Fair attendees.

9:30 am Networking Breakfast, sponsored by Morressier

10:00 am Panel 1: Research Integrity: Technology, Trust, and Transparency

Moderated by Sven Fund, Senior Director, Wiley

Research integrity is more than ever at the heart of the academic publishing process. And the field is developing with an impressive dynamic in an attempt to cope with growing volumes, new business models and radically different technologies. The panelists from distinct backgrounds in publishing and librarianship share their views on how the ecosystem will evolve in coping with these challenges.

Speakers: Vivian Berghahn, Berghahn Books; Peter Brantley, UC Davis; Stuart Whayman, Elsevier

11:00 am Panel 2: Sustainability and the Future of Scholarly Communication: Looking Forward at Business Models, SDGs, and Beyond

Moderated by Leah Hinds, Executive Director, Charleston Hub

There are many types of sustainability – from sustainable business models to sustainable development goals, and more. Join us for a wide-ranging discussion on what sustainability means in many contexts. This hour-long session will include a series of short presentations followed by panel discussion and audience Q&A.

Speakers: Heather Staines, DeltaThink; David Tréfás, University of Basel; Rachel Martin, Elsevier; Richard Gallagher, Annual Reviews


Listed in alphabetical order. This list is being updated as information is received.

Peter Brantley

Peter Brantley is the Director of Online Strategy for the University of California Davis Library. In addition to previously serving with several large research libraries, he has worked at the New York Public Library; Hypothes.is, a not for profit organization; and the Internet Archive.  From 2010-2017, Peter convened a publishing conference with the Frankfurt Book Fair called “Books in Browsers.” Peter has served on advisory boards for several publishing groups.

Vivian Berghahn

Vivian Berghahn is Managing Director and Journals Editorial Director at Berghahn Books. In addition to overseeing the journals division at Berghahn, her managerial responsibilities include advancing a range of company initiatives, including open access, and the strategic development of its overall publishing program. With over 20 years of experience in academic publishing, she has served on the AAP-PSP Committee and ALPSP Council and is currently on the Advisory Board for the OA Book Usage Data Trust.

Sven Fund

Sven Fund is the Senior Director of Knowledge Unlatched, which is a part of Wiley since December 2021. He works with Oable which is an open access management software solution that empowers institutions with the tools to unify publisher workflows and streamline management operations. Prior job include leadership positions at Bertelsmann, SpringerNature, De Gruyter, and ResearchGate. Sven owns fullstopp and Reviewer Credits. He holds a degree in European Studies from Washington University in St. Louis and a PhD in Political Science from Muenster University. He lectures in Library and Information Science at the Humboldt University in Berlin and innovation management at Hochschule der Medien (university of the media) in Stuttgart.

Rachel Martin

Rachel Martin is the Global Director of Sustainability at Elsevier, where she is driving transformational change in the priority areas of sustainability and SDGs, with a focus on climate action. In 2020, this resulted in the launch of the Elsevier report “The Power of Data to Advance the SDGs”  and the launch of Elsevier’s Climate Action program which she oversees. Since joining Elsevier in 2010, she has held various communications positions with a focus on policy and advocacy. Additionally, she has worked as a strategic communication advisor on industry initiatives such as CHORUS, CLOCKKS and the Accessible Books Consortium. Rachel is also part of the team that launched the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact and the SDG Book Club that has included supporting local chapters in Africa, Portugal, Brazil, Germany and in the Netherlands. Rachel represents Elsevier on several industry sustainability committees and is currently chair of the STM Social Responsibility Committee and UK Book Industry Communications (BIC) Green Supply Chain committee. In 2022, Rachel is also the co-founder of the Publishing 2030 Accelerator working on a carbon label prototype.

Heather Staines

Heather Staines is Senior Consultant at Delta Think and Director of Community Engagement for the OA Data Analytics Tool. Her prior roles include Head of Partnerships for Knowledge Futures Group, Director of Business Development at Hypothesis, as well as positions at Proquest, SIPX (formerly the Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange), Springer SBM, and Greenwood Publishing Group/Praeger Publishers. She is a frequent speaker and participant at industry events including the ALPSP DEIA Working Group (co-chair), the Charleston Library Conference, the STM Futurelab, Council of Science Editors, and the NISO Transfer Standing Committee. She is currently President Elect for the Society for Scholarly Publishing and a new Board member for NASIG. She has a Ph.D. in Military and Diplomatic History from Yale University.

David Tréfás

David Tréfás is the Head of Modern Collections at the University of Basel University Library. He is also secretary of the Acquisition and Collection Development section at IFLA.

Stuart Whayman

London Corporate Photography

 Stuart Whayman is Managing Director for the Researchers & Librarians customer segment at Elsevier, a role that Elsevier created in early 2022 to provide improved customer focus to these important communities.  Products included in this segment include ScienceDirect (for journal and book content), Mendeley, SSRN and Aries.  He has been at Elsevier since 2014 holding roles as Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Financial Officer.  Stuart has been with the RELX group for over 25 years including roles at Reed Business Information, where he was CFO, and at RELX Corporate Head Office.  Stuart holds an MA degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and is also a qualified Chartered Accountant.

I am looking forward to information about this program! Coming soon! 

Plus, go to newsletter@publishingperspectives.com for even more info! 


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Tea Time With Katina and Leah

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Tea Time With Katina and Leah

12-1-23 Derek Law presents Darrell Gunter with the Swamp Fox award Darrell Gunter won the Whova most active member in the community leaderboard competition and was awarded a stuffed Swamp Fox  (named after the restaurant  in the Francis Marion). Plus many...


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