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From Your (Sweltering!) Editor:

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Against the Grain V35#4

We’re battening down the hatches for Hurricane Idalia here in South Carolina at dateline.  Lots and lots of rain expected, but before the storm we’ve had weeks and weeks with sweltering temps and drought!  When it rains it pours for sure!

This issue is sponsored by AM and is guest edited by Holly Francis, Senior Marketing Manager, AM.  Holly has put together a fantastic list of featured articles and authors on the topic of “Reimagining Primary Sources through Collaboration.”  There’s an amazing amount of collaboration happening out there between libraries, archives, publishers!  It was very encouraging to read about all of the different initiatives out there.  James Gatheral, Freelance Writer, addresses Shakespeare’s First Folio, archival collaborations, and an open access resource called “First Folios Compared.”  Neel Agrawal, Digital Projects Librarian at Loyola Marymount University’s William H. Hannon Library, discusses LMU’s early adoption of Quartex and their partnerships with DPLA, the California Digital Library, and more.  Dot Kelly, Engagement Manager for AM, reports on a collaborative initiative conceived and led by the University of Minnesota to expand access to primary sources for National History Day.  Louise Hemmings, Editorial Director at AM, tells us about a collaboration between AM and the British Film Institute and the unique opportunities of audio-visual primary sources in opening up new pathways to discover, learn and create.  And last but not least, we have Maureen Russell (Archivist, Ethnomusicology Archive, UCLA) and Supeena Insee Adler (Adjunct Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology, UCLA) who write about Digital Access in a Pandemic: Integrating and Utilizing AM’s Ethnomusicology: Global Field Recordings at UCLA. 

We have two fascinating interviews, both conducted by Tom Gilson (Associate Editor, ATG) and Leah Hinds (Executive Director, Charleston Hub) as well!  Karen Phillips, Executive VP Learning and UK Executive Lead, Sage, talks about her unique role at Sage, the many recent changes for the company, including a rebranding, new logo, several acquisitions, new products and resources, and more.  We also interviewed Tim Smith, Head of Portfolio Development, IOP Publishing, about the launch of a new open access environmental research journal: Environmental Research: Energy. 

Lots to dig into here, and lots to read up on while we’re waiting out the rain!  I’m sure it will be sweltering again soon before summer lets South Carolina go for the year.

Love, Yr.Ed.  


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